The swim portion of the event was completed in 11 days, averaging just under 7 hours (6:58:49) of swimming per day, covering 14.76 miles per day. Weather in the middle of the trip forced two 1/2 swim days and provided less than desirable conditions for a few other days. 

There were 3 swims over 9 hours in length, 3 near or over 8 hours in length, 4 near 6 hours, and 1 (the last one!) at about 2.5 hours.

Swim lengths (in order of length) were: 20.04, 18.47, 17.89. 17.87, 17.67. 16.74, 12.84, 11.45, 10.61, 10.04, and 8.70 miles.   


A 183 Mile St. Johns River Journey

3.6 Mile Hike, 16 Mile Kayak, & 164 Mile Multi-Stage Solo Swim

March 15-24, 2018

A Combined Teaching & Endurance Swimming Event
Bringing Awareness to the Importance of the St. Johns River Basin
for Current and Future Generations of Floridians

Luther F. Davis III, a Physics and Astronomy teacher and United States Masters Swimmer in Lake Mary, Florida, plans to journey 180 miles along the St. Johns River.  164 miles of the journey will be from Sanford to Jacksonville over the course of 8 consecutive days.  The swimming will start after a day hiking from his home along Soldiers Creek and kayaking across Lake Jesup to reach the swim start.  The entire 183 mile journey (hike, kayak, and swim) traces the path a rain drop takes after falling onto his lawn in Longwood as it navigates its way to the Atlantic Ocean.  Donations will be accepted to support his journey.  He plans to document points of interest along the way to stress the importance of the St. Johns River System.  He will highlight the river's glorious springs, untamed wildlife, and biological wonders.  But, he will also show the impact of pollution and nutrient runoff and water over-sourcing.

With support from friends and family, he believes the journey will strengthen mind and body.  Along the way, he will be able to address the importance of the St. Johns River System and its overall positive impact to the State of Florida.

Swim Send-off Celebration!
7:30-8:00 am, Saturday, March 17th, 2018 - Sanford's Marina Island (northeast picnic pavilion/boat ramp)
Local dignitaries, swim sponsors, cub scouts, family, friends, and students are invited to see Luther start his swim journey.


Sponsorship Provided by Lake Mary High School Students

Holly Gates  *  Emily Underwood  *  Megan Savard
John Demeter  *  Jason Demeter  *  Michael Bitar
Ryan Crigger  *  Macy Somoskey  *  Sam Palmer  *  Jessica Garcia
Aaron Imwalle  *  Joanna Lopes  *  Ameera Manekia  *  Brendan Sawin
Justin Chamberlain  *  Alex King  *  Isabelle Fox  *  McKenzie Brandt
Gabby Dantuma  *   Nolan Monahan  *  Billy Field  *  Ryan Field 
Kian Rushi  *  Sammy Guisinger  *  Samer Armaly  *  Elizabeth Reser
Tadas Klimas  *  Ian Miller  *  Sarika Karri


Mighty St. Johns
Thank you note
Water vial collected during swim
Two event T-shirts
Name on support boat banners

Maryann Tornwall

Maya, Juvani, Juliano, Alee & Shurouq Abuaita

Vaishnavi Mavilla

Tori & Karen McIntyre

Karen Almond

William Large

Dale & Carol Johnson

Cooper, Kendall, Chase, Kasey, Kristy, & Chad Crawford

Gavin, Logan, Amanda, & Will Harrell
Steve & Cindy Weis

David & Laurie Mealor

Anthony, Andrew, Joe, & April Poggione

Luke, Lance, Rosie, & Troy Graczyk

Marie. Christian, Erik, Mark, & Karol Kamrath

Alayna, Louie, Angela & Lou Diaz 

Elora, Gavin, Stephanie
Brian Enright

Alexis, Tyler, Joseph, &
Tina Calderone

Madison, Grant, Jackson, Corina, & Lincoln Davis

River of Lakes


Thank you note
Water vial collected during swim
Two event T-shirts

The Snook Family

Margaret & Jack Wiggins

Student Alex Czyrny

Jessica Shute

Sandy & Jim Keeter

Brian Huschle

Matthew Chamberlain
Angie Toole

Anonymous Donor 1

Anonymous Donor 2

Soldiers Creek


Thank you note
Event T-shirt

Aria DeGrazio

Sandy Parisi

Barry & Lynn Gainer

Angie & Tim Wick

Anonymous Donor

Martha Wittbrodt

Doona Heedum

Andrew West

Alex Hill

Suze & Fred Peace

Katie Seymour

Bill Whalen

Betty Froyd

Sue Kroll

Doug Peters

Joe Consolino

Amy Drazen

Jimmy Orth
Samantha Talley

Karen LeBlanc

Samantha Taylor

Linda Urichko

Amanda Chamberlain

Mara Adamson

Rain Drop


Thank you note

Oma Smith

Robin Kahn
Joe Chamberlain

Lynn Demeter

Special Support

Dash, Abigail &
Brandi Davis
(Love, Devotion, & Encouragement)
Audrey Davis
For being my Mom

Tom & Gina Fromholz

(65' and 14.5' support boats)

Dwayne Hayes

(Trip biologist & pontoon boat)

Student Julie Guevara

(SPOT Satellite Tracker)

Student Cody Illardo

(Logo &T-Shirt Calligraphy)

Student Paige Goodman
(GoPro Equipment)
Student JP Hilton
(GoPro Equipment

Pat McClish

Anonymous Donation Amount


Corporate Sponsorship ($200)
Name and logo shown as sponsor during video documentary. Name and logo on support boat banners, Name and logo on website, 
Three event t-shirts, Water vial collected during swim, Thank you note

100% of donations will defray costs incurred for event including fuel for boats, food for myself and volunteers, and film documentary production.