Film Documentary
I plan on filming to document this adventure.

The film will feature:
  • Elements of Natural Florida
  • Science
  • Human Interest
  • Education and Public Awareness
The film will have a wide range of cinematographic elements. For instance, the event's purpose will be documented with commentary and cutaway footage of the journey from a water drop's perspective; rain clouds, drops of rain rolling off leaves, streams, St. Johns aerial shots, the ocean, sprinklers, and storm drains.  Then shots of "Mr. Davis" teaching in class, training, grading papers, and having dinner with family intertwined. Interviews with students, state park rangers, and scientists will work in concert with added commentary highlighting the importance of the St. Johns River. The film will change gears oscillating to and from unique footage of swimming, hiking, sleeping, and views showing the enjoyment and hardship of the adventure. And of course, the fantastic finish at the mouth of the St. Johns River, as that "raindrop" journeys into the Atlantic will be highlighted.