Other Unique Feats

This is a little about how I teach!

Cycling Physics for Diabetes

In 2010, Davis cycled 143.1 miles inside his classroom while teaching over a period of 7 hours.  He built a contraption that allowed him to cycle with real life approximation as if being outside cruising down a country road.  All the while, the physics lessons were being transmitted out to the world via the Internet. During the event, Davis raised over $1,700 to support the American Diabetes Association.

Cycling Physics

12 Hour Swim for Swim Lesson Scholarships

In 2014, Davis completed a solo 12 hour swim where he completed 25.82 miles in a 25 yard pool.  That is 1,818 flip-turns or 45,450 yards.  He was able to raise $1,300 for swim lesson scholarships as well for the Lake Mary High School Swim and Water Polo Teams.  


36 Mile Extreme North Dakota Endurance Test Swim

In 2016, Davis finished placed 9th place in the longest organized open water swim race in North America. He swam the 36 miles in 12 hours, 58 minutes. At about a measly 1/3 mph, the Red River of the North current only provided about 4.5 miles of a current assistance.

You can learn more about the 36 mile swim and see tracking results here.

Luther swimming 36 mile END-WET Challenge

Luther's biggest swim fan, daughter Abby, 
at end of END-WET Challenge

1 Mile, 40 Ton Boat Pull for Fun

In 2015, Davis pulled a 40-ton boat 1 mile in Lake Monroe (Sanford, Florida).  The 1 hour 35 minute feat was the culmination of both strength and stamina.


News 13 Story on the Lake Monroe "Gator Bait Swim"

In 2014, Davis and three friends became the first 4 people to swim the 3 miles across Lake Monroe.