Swim Support Volunteers
Volunteers to assist with the swim will be required and greatly appreciated. I hope friends, family, or others interested will consider assisting with the swim and educational opportunity adventure.

Volunteer Duties:
  • Assist pontoon captain with navigation/mapping.
  • Photo/video recording at discretion utilizing provided equipment.
  • Provide Facebook updates/live streams at your discretion utilizing provided equipment.
  • Prepare ½ hour interval hydration/nutrition feeds.
  • Update log book at ½ hour intervals. 
    • Time
    • Location
    • Feed Notes
    • Swimmer Notes
    • Water Temperature
    • Weather Observations
    • Animal/Plant Life Observations
    • Anecdotal Notes of Happenings on Pontoon Boat
Individual Volunteer Perks: 
24-hour Volunteers (pm to pm)
  • Confidence in knowing that you are physically supporting a worthwhile cause
  • Friendship and camaraderie with others during the event
  • An up-close personal interaction with the St. Johns River system
  • A fun place to sleep
  • Event T-shirt
  • Dinner (evening before shift).
  • Thank you note
Shifts are constructed as such:
  • Arrive early evening to a public boat ramp near the location of the main Bella Vita support boat. This will be where current day's swim will end. 
  • You will be shuttled to the boat from shore.
  • Eat dinner and prepare for next day's support shift.
  • At some point, either at first arrival or after dinner, you will return to your car and shuttle the previous volunteer back to their car 20 miles upstream. You will then return to the Bella Vita. Sorry for the extra driving, but it is the most efficient way I can think of getting previous volunteers back to their cars. Your favor will be returned the next day.   
  • Sleep on Bella Vita. I have some cots to be used for this small slumber party.
  • Awaken early the next morning to begin support shift. I will start swimming and supporters will man two smaller support boats for the actual swim duration of the day. A pontoon boat will provide a platform for assistance as well as volunteer relaxation and entertainment (food, drink, music, and great river views). A volunteer rotation will provide additional support from a smaller jon boat, also part of the swimming flotilla. Kayaks will be available for support and recreational use as well.
  • You should bring a cooler containing your own breakfast and lunch items. Dinner is on me.
  • The Bella Vita will leapfrog ahead of the swimming flotilla and anchor at this new day's swim finish approximately 20 miles downstream.
  • Upon the swimming flotilla reaching the Bella Vita, the volunteer can stay for that night's dinner or leave at that time. The volunteer will be shuttled via car back to their car 20 miles upstream by the new volunteer.